Big Sister saying

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For some reason, I have that tune in my head to "my favorite things" from the sound of music, and as I was reading this, it all goes with the tune. How awesome.

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Love mine more than life itself...and we are about to all be in the same state EVERY DAY for the first time in 7 years!! xoxo

I will always be a Daddy's girl ...

Sister quote

Something we all should think about.

Crew neck Krazy Sister Sweatshirt... I need this

I love this *sigh* it makes me think of my sweet little boy who is having some big issues with self esteem right now :( I think it would be nice to make this for him and frame it for a Christmas gift...I love him so...

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This is so dedicated to my boyfriend lmao Cause it's the perfect quote for me .

For my Lexa bug

oh, they would love this.


so wise.

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