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  • Carrie Menke

    The Eleventh Doctor! Doctor Who thing of the day: mysterious “Who Is Returning” 50th anniversary posters | MaryAnn Johanson's

  • Laurie Ann

    Dr. Who - 2013

  • Cris McCammon

    50th Anniversary Posters BOW TIES ARE COOL!!!!


    Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special The 11th Doctor #savetheday

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The Geeky Nerfherder: Cool Art: 'Who Is Returning' - 50th Anniversary Fan Posters

  • Beth V

    I've always been partial to the 4th Doctor.

Rose Tyler. DW 50th Anniv. Please let it be!!!! ROSE TYLER AND HER HUMAN TENNY! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE?!?!?!

I recognize those... crossed arms. Seriously though, DW fans go to this page and start scrolling. Jack, Ianto, Rose, Various Doctors... this is going to be an amazing TV special!!!!

  • Lisa Cousins

    yeah, it was some time ago I wrote that... at the time there was no one confirmed

  • Aubree K.

    Still, though, the only ones are David and Billie (if I'm not mistaken), and at the time it was all made, it was just fanart.

  • Emily Sinclair

    Okay, the point is to get the fan girl squeals, how are people still finding this pin?!

  • Rochelle

    I really want jenny (doctors daughter) to come back

  • Mckenzie Wiatrek

    Looks like Donna to me ...oh I miss Donna :(

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The bestest, briefest, most awesomest, but simplest guide to Doctor Who ever. Complete with artwork worthy of eight am on a random non-cable station on Saturday monring in 1995.

The eleventh doctor :)

Doctor Who hair through the ages - Imgur

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