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    Get inspired: Dreamy #wedding hairstyle.. love the watercolour hues against her gorgeous ginger hair!

    ima dye my hair white when i hit 60 and it will be long and lovely and ill be the hottest grandma.

    I really wish my hair was longer.

    I love the deep berry lips paired with braids wrapped around the front of the head, has a really nice native Indian american princess look to it

    Fiery copper full hair with smokey eyes and nude lips. Very dramatic.

    Twist, Poof, and Curls... If I can only grow my hair so long.

    Lipstick! Nude or bright, whatever your personal style, lipstick is a great touch that always looks great for photos.

    pretty...and guess what, I can do this one, I don't even have to know how to french braid, which for some reason, my fingers refuse to learn.

    Ok, the DIY instructions tried to make it look easy, but it took 14 steps... still, if my hair was long enough right now, I'd be tryin' to make it happen :P

    Unicorn Braid 1. Always brush hair to remove all tangles. 2. Secure hair with an elastic into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Then, divide hair into two equal sections. 3.Twist both sections in opposite directions. 4.Wrap the two sections around each other while still tightly twisting the pieces as you go. When you reach the end/tips of your hair, quickly secure with an elastic.