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Shoji screens no match for athletic cats!


Cat in the snow, hope everything turned out well


Just Yesterday : Photo

ネコと囲む食卓                                                       …

No matter how hard asleep, my cat would always wake up and race downstairs when he'd hear my mom chopping meat. But he'd only stick around while she was cooking. However, these two cats from Japan also awkwardly watch their humans eat. Every single time.

【画像】昇り降りがとても困難な階段                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る


Watch your step please!

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✪ 孫悟空 ✪¹⁴⁷ᴷgoku on

At the restaurant door


Kawaii Kitty Jars - Because I don't have enough cats already. So I should buy jars of them.


Top 25 Funny Photos of Animals Eating - The Amazing World


I'd like a jungle gym in my place.

Oh hi

YOO do the cat walk over heres. Der be enuff room on de ledge, and nowz be a good time cuz me humans be gone fer awhiles. me can'ts do it fer yoo.