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makes me smile

This made me laugh!


Just let me have my coffee first. ;)

That's why I usually just roll them….

Hahaha...I'm still laughing!!!!!!!!

Daily Humor - Enjoy The Laughs

Young generations love these funny quotes and jokes when they just need something to laugh at all when they are feeling down<---- Are you an old generation? O.O

Oh Carl....

My Lincoln would agree. AlwaysBeYourselfPosterby-Little-Inspiration-18-by-24

Hippos are hawt.

(62pict) Funny picture of the day 103

Big Fat Mistake!!!!!!

OMG my Niece thinks thats how you actually say China, hilarious running across this!


Friends forever

Nice coat!

Will someone fix my next plate of spaghetti like this???

Yard o' balls

Haha! Too true...

I cannot stop laughing!