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Julia Petit Passo a Passo Meio Emma Maquiagem

Emma as Belle and Lily as Cinderella

Costumes from Disney's upcoming, live-action Beauty and the Beast

♥♥My Colorful Life, I love because of Him♥♥Matthew 28:20♥♥

The quest (the people going on this quest- Zoe(Ares), Caitlin(Aphrodite) , and Quints(Hephaestus) A quest to find the Necklace of Harmoina., will begin today! { Necklace of Harmonia, allowed any woman wearing it to remain eternally young and beautiful, but also brought great misfortune to all of its wearers or owners. It was made by Hephaestus and given to Harmonia, the daughter ofAphrodite and Ares, as a curse}

Emma Watson as Belle in Disney's upcoming Beauty and the Beast

I'm sure all figure out how to control myself, I didn't mean what I done, and I feel bad about it.... I promised you my sweet dear spitfire that I would never hurt you again, and I did... I didn't mean it.. I want to continue to raise our family.. I want to be YOUR mate for life.. please take my apology... please I'm begging you

Dan's re-living his firefighting dreams

People are always so confused when i cry in school like- Bell