Fritz Baumgarten--The party by Tiny tin, via Flickr

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ladybug comes to tea - Fritz Baumgarten

Fritz Baumgarten

ENCHANTED FOREST. Reposted by Dew Pellucid, author of "The Sound The Echoes" (

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Fritz Baumgarten

Peg Maltby

Bunny bedroom, by Fritz Baumgarten

becca stadtlander illustration

by zutto

brambly hedge - Jill Barklem

lantern march forest folk

"On the Go" ~ Daniel Merriam

fritz baumgarten


Watering Can > this painting is so pretty

Lisi Martin illustration

Dickens at Christmas by Emily Sutton

'Red Roof Bungalow' American artist Alida Bayne Akers - The Storybook Cottage Series."It's a purely nostalgic series full of cottages,friendly twisty bendy trees,gardens where weeds never take over,favorite cottage garden flowers & a gentle turning of the seasons.My little cottages are poster children for the less is more way of life.Often we forget the most important things in the cupboard are crayons & paper...not expensive trendy items.I believe my genetic memory is lonesome for the U.K."