Explore Childhood Memories, Dusty S Trail, and more!

Dusty's Trail

We used to have these....everyone smoked back then.

Remember the library "check out" card?

Swimming with a inner tube and the scrapes you would get on your legs from the valve

Reminds me of Mrs Davis store in Atlanta

Pocket Radios

Salisbury Steak TV Dinner- oh gosh I used to eat these and loved them.

hanging calendar towels - 1978. What a great year!

Chocolate covered cherries, I think my husband has eaten more than a few boxes of these in his day. #chocolate #cherries #candy #Christmas #food #ad #1950s #fifties

80's toys collection. Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Care bears...all in rainbow colors....aahhhhhh.

Old Well Pump

Romper...came in all sorts of prints and colors...for playing outside on hot days

Burn Baby Burn...No doubt!!

@catherine gruntman gruntman Stern LOL ouch, oops I mean oh, the memories!! ;)

building blanket forts

Paddle ball

Loved this thing! Always managed to lose the little one.

Phone booth

Pick-up Sticks

Ponytail holders. @Connie Ormaechea-Sommer

A&W--Mama; Burger, fries, and rootbeer