Filigree Hosta

How to move hostas

Hosta 'White Christmas'

Blue Hostas! I Love Hosta's!

hostas in a pot! every spring they the pot! Add geraniums and ivy

Oxalis Versicolor

White Feather Hosta -- An amazing new development - large pure white lush leaves emerge in late spring/early summer. Throughout the summer green streaks develop on the foliage creating an unusual yet beautiful effect. Lavender flowers in summer are just an additional bonus.

Hosta 'White Feather'

Red Dragon Hosta

Power Bulb Planter attachment, Bulb Auger | Gardener's Supply.... attaches to a power drill... $35

colocasia esculenta 'black magic'

A Gardener's Checklist for Early Spring -- it's about that time! Advice on winter cleanup, spring pruning, sowing seeds, planting late-season bulbs, creating containers, dividing perennials, planting trees, and planning a vegetable garden.

15 Tips for Planting Your Favorite Bulbs Fill your garden with beautiful bulbs that bloom in spring, summer, and fall. Use these tips to ensure success.

shade container

Dry garden with Lavender, thyme and drought resistant plants | John Glover Photography

Hosta ‘Whirl Wind’ in full shade. A very beautiful hosta.

Red Creeping Thyme ~ Border, Containers, Ground Cover. Just a few inches high, the plant is densely covered with tiny, dark green, shiny leaves that are intensely aromatic when crushed -- plant them between paving stones and enjoy their fragrance every time you pass by. Zone 4 - 9