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  • Felicity Adams

    DIY hair styling spray - alternative to Bumble Surf Spray for Beach Hair

  • Donna Davis

    DIY hair styling spray: I like Bumble&Bumble Surf Spray, it does a nice job of bulking up my fine hair and creating some lift at the roots. But man is it expensive. A while back I ran across this simple DIY version at Makeup Alley (registration required, worth it). I find that it works pretty much the same and it this has become my everyday product. Note, the salt in it does give a matte finish to your hair, so if you like shiny this won’t make you happy: – 1 or 2 teaspoons epsom salt. Available at drugstores. – 1 or 2 generous squirts of hair gel. Make sure it’s water based, water should be one of the first ingredients. I used Pantene Volume Gel because it was on sale when I went looking, the original instructions used half Dove Shine & Define and half TIGI Creative Genius. – 4 ounces water. Combine in spray bottle, shake well. I had a B&b surf spray bottle left over, it has a nice misting thing going on. I think any spray bottle should work out ok. I also use B&b Thickening Spray, and the main ingredient in that is hydrolyzed wheat protein. So of course I did try to reproduce this as well. I thought wheat protein = wheat gluten, right? Turns out, not at all. But before I learned this I bought a bag of Bob’s Red Mill vital wheat gluten powder and mixed 1/4 teaspoon in about six ounces of water, shook it up and sprayed it. The spray nozzle almost immediately gummed up and stuck, and the gluten left to settle in the bottle floated around until it found each other and formed a blob that floated on the surface menacingly. And when I tried to clean it out it stuck to the inside of the bottle, the outside of the bottle, the sponge and the sink so tenaciously that I ended up tossing everything except for the sink. So, don’t try wheat gluten. Subsequent and equally uninformed trials with bread flour went about as well. You’ve been warned. It only took a second of Googling (yes, hello, why don’t I do that first?) to find that you can actually buy hydrolyzed wheat protein. According to The Herbarie it does not actually contain gluten, and it “constitutes a unique hydrating complex offering a combination of moisture-balancing and film-forming properties that work synergistically to give hair better body control”. I might just buy a few ounces and see if I can make a home version of the Thickening Spray as well.

  • Samantha Styer

    DIY hair styling sea salt spray

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bomble snd bumble retails for 24 $ home mead withthese products about 7 $ diy surf spray :)

DIY salt water spray for hair: water, sea salt, coconut hair conditioner, and hair gel. gives easy texture to wavy/curly hair. tried it and love it!

For beachy waves this is BY FAR the best sea spray I have ever used, EVER. RECIPE: 1 Cup WARM water 3 Tablespoons Sea Salt 1 Tablespoon Gel or Spray Gel 1/2 Tablespoon Conditioner (or leave-in) A couple spritzes of your favorite perfume DIRECTIONS: Mix Warm water and salt first and shake well. Add the rest of the ingredients. Spray your hair generously and scrunch.

Beachy Hair= 1 Cup Hot Water ~1-3tbsp Coconut Oil (more if u have dry hair) ~2tbsp Alcohol (helps spray last longer & prevents hair buildup) ~2+tbsp Sea Salt (use more if ur hair is oily, only use sea salt not table) ~1tbsp Hair Gel (for better hold & texture) Shake before applying!

I have had an obsession with having wavy beach hair as long as I can remember...and I can never achieve it...maybe this will be the one way to do it!

Get a spray bottle and mix together 2 cups of warm water, and a tablespoon each of sea salt and coconut oil. Spray this on wet hair. Section off hair in as many pieces as you have patience for, then twist each section. Then let it dry and shake it out. That’s it. Really. Hint: The less you heat style your hair, the healthier it will be, and the better this will start looking!

Surf Spray Make it at home. Why pay $20 when you can make it at home for $0.02? Recipe: 3 teaspoons Epsom Salt 3 squirts Water-Based Hair Gel 4 ounces Tap Water (Pour all ingredients into your empty B bottle & shake well before each use.)

seaglass mobiles by longbec, via Flickr (diy inspiration)