Zander Olsen Tree Line

land art

Street art. installation. tree

reflected landscapes by victoria siemer.


'the line' by palíndromo mészáros. Photo of the aftermath of the 2010 toxic waste spill in Hungary that stained the landscape.

"Henrique Oliveira‘s work is nothing short of authentic genius. Creating giant sculptures and installations of colourful tree trunks bursting through buildings and walls is all in a day’s work for this young Brazilian artist. Henrique creates his sculptures using timber salvaged off the streets of his home town – São Paulo. His mind bending site-specific installations twist, curve, bend and split in a chaotic and abstract ways."


Christine Lindstrom "Fragile"

Layer series by Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Leonid Tishkov travels the world with his own personal moon and photographs it on his travels.

'Tomografia drzewa' (Tree tomography) (2014) by Polish land artist Mirosław Maszlanko (b.1963). source: now in art post 4 Landart Festival 2014. via Contemporary Basketry: In the Trees

Turkish artist Sakir Gökcebag - making installations out of rolls of toilet paper - bravo!

Katsuhiro Otomo #installation

A connection between people and nature. Tree branches = veins.

65,000 Recycled CDs Form Colorful Floating Waterlilies by

Surreal pieces of Art by Antonio Mora, a Spain-based artist who spent several years working as an art director in the industry. Mora — now a full-time artist — describes himself as someone who creates portraits from images found on the Web, blogs, and magazines. He then merges the images, creating pieces of art with great force and expression that surely won’t leave you indifferent

Truly amazing.

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Thread installation