My new favorite color in my nail polish collection.

I need that color green/blue/turquoise or whatever it is lol

wait this is the best idea ever...

Next time by JulianaaXOXO - aqua turquoise striped white glitter nails


black and white, our favorite colors!

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I am offically in love with these nails. Not only do they have the cutest colors but the blue and pink bring out the white :) #iminlove

Black and pink french

Teal, black, and white. LOVE. Love love!!!!

using the tip of a bobby pin as a dotting tool. first you make some random dots where you want the "dripping" to go, than drag the color to the tip of the nail it's pretty easy, actually!

Holiday nails

Sparkle nails

mint, white, glitter

Midnight mani | See more at

Glitter Nails. A nice glamorous look to go with that white dress with chrome/steel jewelry. #nails #glamor #beautiful