Arthur Explains Aspergers

Leah's Voice is a story that touches on the difficulties children encounter when they meet a child with special needs such as autism. Children who have a brother or sister with special needs may find it difficult to explain to their friends, or feel disappointed when their friends aren't more understanding. Through her kindness and devotion, one sister teaches by example the importance of including everyone and showing acceptance.

great blog - online parent coach/psychologist


Good FHE lesson...The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes. great for teaching that mistakes are ok...and how to learn from mistakes. So great for setting up a positive learning environment. Good for beginning of year

Mister Rogers was correct. I think many of the challenges we see in our children today ( at home and in the classroom) come from the lack of true play...on the playground, in the neighborhood, with board games, etc... just my opinion ~ Angela Page

Anti-bullying video by school children backed by Coldplay

Teaching Students with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome in the Inclusive Classroom Like & Repin thx. & Noelito Flow. Noel Music.

Children learn best when they like their teacher...

Super cute for teaching time!

Using the children's book "If Everybody Did" we talked about the power of our actions. Great conversation about influence and consequence. Drawing activity after reading the book. #parenting #kindness #kidlit

My Aspergers Child: The 3 Types of Aspergers Children

write positive notes to each other.. keep the positives in the classroom :)

Great book to educate children about kids with special needs

"Outside Voices Inside Voices" is a wonderful classroom management song to help children learn the use of their outside inside voices. Free resource!

What is Asperger Syndrome? Arthur Childrens Cartoon

Really great video created as a school project...explains the life and accomplishments of Martin Luther King.

The Positive Classroom: challenging behavior

Shake Dem Halloween Bones | Halloween songs for Children - YouTube

Cognitive behavioral games and activities to use with children with Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders. For therapists, counselors, SLP's and teachers. This was pinned by . Follow all our boards.

PlayDrMom explains what worry dolls are for and how to make your own. Great for kids with anxiety!