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Relax with a good book in this water garden getaway. More dream water gardens:

Pond, flowers and wall. Dyrham Park

The stone cladding, the lights, the colour of the render, hardwood deck and stunning house!! Amazing!

I've always hankered for a Monet-esque curved garden bench. (Apparently the artist discovered one at Versailles and had three replicas made for his own gardens.)

Looks exactly like Uncle Alan's masterpiece. This will be the first project after the fence goes up.

After breakfast, what could be better than a stroll outside, meandering your way around the garden paths. Listening to the gentle rush of a waterfall as it makes it way down to the goldfish pond below. The wind rustles thru the willow and the birds sing their songs of joy. Take a cup of coffee with you; stay awhile and enjoy your life. Give thanks. (photo from

I have no idea how ..but I WANT something like this in my backyard.. or even in the front yard. Screw my neighbors..their hating either way.

This is in Encinitas CA at the Yogananda meditation garden. Open to all religions, race and gender. It's an amazing space to breathe and clear your mind.

Beautiful blue and healthy water can be achieved with Organic Pond products!

bassin. are they jars beside the pond? We have those with night lights in for balmy evenings.

This would be fabulous for my "woodland garden" which at present consists of a gulch that the goat has to clear of nettles and blackberries every spring. He would ADORE to clear it of hostas as well. Also hydrangeas and pretty much anything else pretty I wanted to plant there. He is both diligent and thorough.