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Shop my Jamberry Nails Mystery Hostess party by Saturday and you could win the hostess benefits.

Jamberry nail wraps last for 2 weeks and save you the trip to the salon just use a little heat! Buy Three Get One Free! Choose shop now , pick your favorites, then at checkout be sure to choose "my first party"

Jamberry offers a variety of surfaces for your perfect wrap - check out the website to choose yours!

I'm looking for my next three hostess to enjoy all the benefits of hosting a home party on Facebook.

Tips and Tricks Some people have claimed to experience "bubbles" along the sides of their nails, or wrinkles in the tips of the wrap--if, while the wrap is hot, you pull the excess wrap, away and down from your nail--this should eliminate those imperfections! Keep applying more heat and gently pulling until the wrap is completely smooth. #tipsandtricks #jamberrynails