Daily Lolita Coordinates - 7 outfits ~ sweet, classic, and otome!


The Sweetest Lolita Fashion Buzznet

Cute Loli Dress

She looks like a porcelain teacup.

Ama (Japanese derivative of "amai"/sweet) Lolita and Kotekote or OTT (Western for: over-the-top) sweet Lolita.

Ama/Kote Lolita, pink and blue, sweet baby style.

Club RUB March 23rd event: http://www.club-rub.com/index.php/events/634-dolls-puppets-lolita-a-harajuku-cuties

Our next event is on April 2014 - Birthday Party - Rubber Dolls…

Polka Dot Classic Lolita | via Ingenue Boutique ‏@IngenueLolita

Ingenue Boutique on

Polka Dot Sweet / Classic Lolita - via Ingenue Boutique ‏

Geek lolita - I love it!

I like the stripes running throughout the coord Geek lolita

(76) wonder party skirt | Tumblr

Super cute Classic Lolita with Wonder Party and Innocent World

lolitahime:    mimipompom on Ameblo in Tiara Rose


lolitahime: mimipompom on Ameblo in Tiara Rose


this girl is so adorable! if i could pull that off (and lived in japan) I'd wear clothes like that everyday!

here be dragons

Please refter to the color of Pumpkin Cat ~Spun Sugar Rabbit~ Babydoll Style OP Dress



Lolita Paradise: Mezclas de estilos

Military lolita

princess-mint: “ huberschwinkel: “ Protecting lolita from the forces of Milanoo - Lieutenant Huberschwinkel, reporting for duty! (・`◡´・)ゝ ” HOLY CRAP! I love you and this outdfit!

Kiredori or Tewaku after Road's makeover -S

Random find of my friend

lolita *-*

I hope to someday walk the streets of Japan and see Lolita Fashon first hand

Classic lolita - I would wear this out though :3 I might change the tights a little.

simple fall lolita look