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    Love u, life! :)

    • Peggy Mattis

      Dear Life I have a firm grasp on the fact that you are not fair - so please - quit teaching me that lesson!!!

    • Jennifer Oberdorf

      I honestly don't have the energy anymore to worry about if things or wrong or how I'm treated! I'm at the end of my rope and it's wearing on me.there used to be a time I would lose sleep on stuff like this but not anymore! I give up! They say everyone has good days and bad days but there should be more good than bad!

    • Randi Bongiorno

      MS>> O.k, I get it. For years I denied it, believed there was some universal justice, but now I recognise the truth of just how unfair life is - taught to me not by my own difficulties but by a terrible bereavement someone else experienced. But upsetting stuff still keeps happening to me - please - now give me some good times? Some nice surprises, not horrid?

    • Madyson Smith

      why is it that when you say thats not fair your father says "lifes not fair get usede to it"

    • Deb Evans

      As my mom would say "life's NOT fair, a fair has rides, cotton candy and tickets"

    • Marissa Barclay

      As a little girl you always said its not fair. I would say: life is not fair

    • Carmi Colonna

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    • Marissa Minichetti

      Lmfao... Wow I thought I was the only one who thought that way

    • ✿⊱ChaR ⊰✿

      Hmmm. Funny or Truth? It was a hard decision for me..

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