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    What great life lessons we learned from Silver Spoons... I can't think of any right now but I'm sure there's one somewhere

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    .I loved this!

    I loved this!

    Ah, Ricky Schroeder ...

    Always popped the top open with a spoon :p

    Trix Color Changing Spoon

    Vintage Aluminum Measuring Spoon Set by dtriece on Etsy My Mom used this one till the day she died (age 66 unexpectedly)

    My sister and I would just add a spoon!

    wore this book out. my valley girl name was andrea. like, gag me with a spoon!

    The Facts of Life,

    Facts of Life

    Vintage Tupperware Tumblers Lids Caddy Coasters and Spoons. The long spoons were perfect for floats.

    haha I loved these!

    The Facts Of Life.

    Giant Wooden Fork and Spoon Vintage Wall..yep...they were on our wall

    Fer Shurr - How to Be a Valley Girl - Totally- 1982

    Loved doing this

    Loved these!!

    Nestle Quik chocolate milk powder... I liked popping off the tin lid with a spoon... it was all part of the chocolate milk experience.

    I loved these as a kid.

    facts of life