I hate this job,,,, so I will try these suggestions

How to Deep Clean a Bathroom - Tips for getting your bathroom thoroughly clean this spring.

How to Clean a Toilet

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Martha Stewart's best cleaning tips from the last 20 years.

How to keep your bathroom clean in just 5 minutes a day at TidyMom.net

13 things your housekeeper won't tell you, plus amazing cleaning tips!! YES!!

Love these 12 steps to a perfectly clean kitchen! ---great list to break down into a chart for the kids to learn how to clean the kitchen.

Cleaning Tips That Help Reduce Dust

Easy way to clean the refrigerator {One Good Thing by Jillee}

Ever since I started using HYDROGEN PEROXIDE to get rid of armpit stains, to clean cookie sheets, as a miracle cleaner in my kitchen and bathroom, and to make my own “oxi clean”…I ALWAYS have at least one bottle of the stuff under my kitchen sink, under my bathroom sink, AND in the laundry room. This stuff is amazingly versatile! *Not to mention it makes your dog puke up chocolate or anything poisonous it might eat.

I would like to try this!: "Dryer cleaning You would NOT believe the amount of crud we got out of our dryer! This is a MUST DO! I'm sure it will dry much faster."

A great system for maintaining your home, without cleaning all day long! How to Keep a Clean Home: Daily Chores at LiveRenewed.com

So great, I needed this! How to Clean Dirty Blinds. So simple.

Clean Your Oven Naturally


This seems like such an easy solution for cleaning your shower. Just fill it half with vinegar and half with dish soap and you're good to go.

How to clean between your stove and counter! So useful!

How To Clean Your Microwave in 2 Minutes