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Improve your running stride

34 Ways to Make You a Better Runner

How to Return to Running After Pregnancy | Runners World -- This is the part that worries me the most: trying to run after my fourth c-section. Last time, I had to wait 8 weeks after the surgery to run ... that's going to be so hard.

6 Ways to become a better runner. This has some great tips, especially eating before and after a workout

Run a Faster 5K in Four Weeks

If you're signed up for a 5K that's four weeks away, here's an intermediate training schedule that will prepare you to run a great race time.

5 Ways to Make Running Feel Easier- I need to remember this!

25 ways to run faster

What are your #running tips? @Runner's World has 8 ways to help extend your long run. #marathontraining

10 Ways to Make Running More Fun. Yes, please!!

exercises that burn more fat than running

Four Ways to Stop the Dreaded Side Stitch | Runner's World #runningtips #stopsidestitch #run #helpfultips

1. Weight training. 2. Take shorter strides. 3. Breathe right. 4. Eat more. 5. Stretching. 6. Follow the 10% rule. 7. Start slow. 8. Wear the right shoes.

5 Stretches That Will Make You A Better Runner

Running Tip 72. Stick to what you love. You don't have to run a marathon. Marathon running is the trendy thing to do these days and can leave runners who prefer shorter distances feeling as if they do not run enough or do not run as well as marathoners. That is simply not true. Stick with what you love. If what you love is a fast 5K on a Saturday morning, be glad you have found your passion and work on increasing speed rather than distance.

3 Ab Workouts for Runners. I would also add 60 sit-ups - with arms overhead to start. When that is no longer a challenge, keep your arms crossed over your chest. When that is no longer challenge, try to do 60 sit-ups in a 90 second timeframe. (From my Karate friend, Kris.)

top running songs

Running On Air: Breathing Technique | Runner's World. i'm a distance runner and this technique is actually great. the first day i tried it i was able to run almost twice the distance i run everyday. =D