Fairy Ripples, Josephine Wall

Finders Keepers, Josephine Wall

Elves Faeries Gnomes: #Faery.

Josephine Wall ~ Unicorn Kiss

{ summertime cottage }

Josephine Wall

'Fairy Bubbles' by Josephine Wall - In an enchanted bluebell glade, Twinkle the fairy blows a magical bubble. As she gently blows she can see an infinite reflection of herself within. Her hope is that when the bubble pops it will provide a host of fairy playmates, keen to play hide and seek among the bluebells. (2009)

Boat to Avalon - Journey Over Water

Love is in the Air - Dancing in the moonlight the lovers are transported to a world of their own. The moon becomes a glittering mirror-ball scattering rainbow stars to light up their cloudy ballroom. When love is in the air all things are possible!

art of Josephine Wall

josephine wall

Josephine Wall

Tree of Four Seasons -- Josephine Wall

The Forest Fairy by Josephine Wall In a sunlit glade, far from human sight the wood fairy happily gathers wild anemones. Full of the joys of spring, she adores the suns warm rays and delights in the freedom of Nature's woodland bounty.

Svetlana Valueva, "Water Lily" I can't even say how beautiful this is. I love the flowing lines, her gentle face, the whites and the pinks and the greens.

josephine wall

Water Animations

Water Animations -- Tranquil Waters - Fantasy Art

Josephine Wall