NO Child Left Behind??? Maybe there were good intentions but what a colossal failure. The kids it was designed to "not leave behind" have been damaged the most! Our special needs students.

lol. so true.

so true

Ha ha this is so true!

So true...

I like the idea of putting this on my desk during a test. As each kid turns in their test to me they can take one and return to their seat.

so true!!

So true



Surviving standardized tests: how to minimize the stress on you AND students.

So true.

Standardized tests

What standardized tests don't assess

Standardized testing


Kids are more than a number on their test

Many variables to agree COMPLETELY, however, I love the lack of standardized testing!!

Best on the Test-test-taking foldable

Test Treats: encouraging little ideas to get ready for the test!

Game Reviews before a test