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*☆✞Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right. Proverbs 20:11✞*☆

"A playful kitten with its pretty little tigerish gambols is infinitely more amusing than half the people one is obliged to live with in this world." --Lady Sydney Morgan

God made cats to give man the pleasure of stroking a tiger... ~Francois Joseph Mery~

A big glass of milk for a little kitten. #kitten #pets #blackandwhite

My soul is bleeding a little.... A puppy and a kitten adopt each other…

"Kittens need lots of handling and exposure to home-life from birth if they are going to be great companions." -Dr. Marty Becker *DSC_0013 by *lalalaurie, via Flickr

"If there is one spot of sun spilling onto the floor, a cat will find it and soak it up." --Jean Asper McIntosh.

How I feel between two friends in the middle of class changes while they are trying to tell each other a story...