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I remember the day I found this out.. it was like my life until that point was one big lie.


Hey, Mother Nature!

Me. Now. :(

theCHIVEfrom theCHIVE

Honestly, it’s really hard to argue with any of this (30 Photos)

Honestly, its really hard to argue with any of this (30 Photos)

And this is why I cried the first time I ever saw it and still consider it one of the scariest movies of all time.

This is way to hysterical not to post! Especially because of how much I love FOOD!!! But I do still want to be skinny...but I LOVE FOOOOOOODDDD!



Uhhh..... I apparently loved this movie too much as a child. The first time I saw House I thought "Hey he's in 101 Dalmatians!" and the first time Mr. Weasley appeared in Harry Potter, I thought the same thing...

you are not responding in the way i imagined you would respond when i acted out this conversation in my head. stop it.