The Barbie fold and fun house. I had one of these as a kid. Loved it!

Barbie Fold N Fun House!

loved this Barbie...still have her

Hawaiian fun Barbie 1990.....loved the perfume bracelet that came with her!

Barbie picnic fun

LOVED these!

Barbie Island fun 1987

Loved spelling on this

Barbie Island Fun 1986

I loved both of these

Rollerblade remember having this wow!!!

Bath time barbie. Had it! Loved it!!!

Vintage Barbie Fold N Fun House | eBay bought at austin comic and game convention. Need the furniture. It was $20.

Barbie's From the 80s | Fun Time Barbie | {barbies from the 80s}

it was fun while it lasted.

Old barbies are the best

Folded Notes - before texting.

I LOVED These Things! #90's Toys # Childhood Memories

Barbie's shoes!

I loved this book! I had completely forgotten about it until now.

Camp Barbie - had her!!!