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  • Joan M.

    I was reduced to tears on the bus home from my volunteer job at Planned Parenthood today. There were protesters outside to the office who thought I was getting an abortion, then I was street harassed TWICE on the two-block walk to the bus stop. After the Trayvon verdict, these have been the shittiest two days of my life. I'm so SICK of this. Especially because I was going to start this post by saying what I was wearing. Thank goodness for the feminists of Pinterest. You guys keep me going.

  • Everyday Feminism

    Anti Street Harassment

  • Amber N.

    End Street Harrassment

  • SonoranMonsoon

    "Hello. My name is NOT HEY BABY" Sexual Harassment

  • Katie Conigliaro

    That Time I Had The Audacity To Wear A Tank Top In July #lbloggers @everydaysexism #sexism #sexualharassment #ontheblog #feminism

  • Elizabeth Thomasson

    Why Women Find “Compliments” Offensive. It's the second annual Anti-Street Harassment Week, and the discussion about what constitutes street harassment — and whether it can ever be a compliment — seems more relevant than ever.

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Bystander Options- what to do if you witness harassment on the streets.

One unexpected thing that came from weight lose was everyone suddenly thinking it was ok to comment on my weight and thinking it's ok to make fun of how I looked before. I liked me then..I like me's not ok!

street harassers never say: "Hey Supergenius." | "I bet you have, like, 3 PhDs." | "I just want to fall in love & be happy." | "I love poetry." | "You look very serious about your career!" | "I would love to talk to you about third-wave feminism & the necessity of womanism." | "Can you believe this subprime mortgage crisis?" | "Are you gay? That's cool." | "I love Bell Hooks." | "Fuck the sexist assumption that women owe men attention!" | #paradigmshift #naturalbeauty

"Hey sexy lady" shouted from across the street freaks me out as a general rule.

[rape culture] I like this. Not only does it put things into perspective for men, it reminds me that being used to the way things are doesn't mean that's the way things SHOULD be. "Women feel nervous walking around alone" is so ingrained that we don't even question it.

Introduce them to some new role models: | 24 Suggested Reactions To Catcallers

A Quick Guide to Addressing Street Harassment [click on this image to find a short clip and analysis of the discourse on street harassment in India]

Meet the Woman Who Waged an Artistic War Against Her Street Harassers Brooklyn oil painter Tatyana Fazlalizadeh got fed up with dudes invading her space. So she started telling them so—very publicly.

Hence the use of the word 'harassment'...this is a power and control play and nothing else. Creepy and degrading and assholish--and not meant to make the woman in question feel attractive.

Stop Street Harassment's website lists state laws on street harassment. If you're subject to unwanted attention or contact in public, know when you can call the police to report it. In PA, following/stalking women on the street is considered a crime, and so is verbal harassment. Very helpful to know, as someone who has experienced both.