Little Scissors Charm Necklace

Scissors Necklace

I found 'My lucky Cookie Fortune Cookie dark red by thedonjuanlegend' on Wish, check it out!



Scissor Necklace by Alyssa Lee :]

Turquoise Elizabeth Necklace Set

Hairdresser Necklace Hairstylist Necklace Stylist Jewelry Scissors Necklace Jewelry For Her Women's

Antiqued Vintage Bronze Leaf with Bird Charms / by LaLaCrystal, $22.50

I know I'm still young, but I know how I feel. I might not have too much experience, but I know love is real. By the way my heart starts pounding, when I look into your eyes. I might look a little silly, standing with my arms stretched open wide. I love you this big, eyes have never seen this big, no one's ever dreamed this big, and I'll spend the rest of my life explaining what words cannot describe, but I'll try...I love you this big. I love you to the moon and back... <3

Juicy Couture Charm bracelet

:) Cute for bridesmaids to wear at beach wedding. Would be neat for Bride if Center piece was engraved with Bride and Grooms name and wedding date. Could wear all summer long!

Rock Paper Scissors Necklace

Snow Chubby Owlette Owl Necklace Antique Bronze by charmming, $25.00

.Sooo cool :)

Like This Necklace...

Chanel “Nuit de Diamants” necklace in 18-karat white gold set with 319 brilliant-cut diamonds for a total weight of 11.9 carats 7 round-cut diamonds for a total weight of 2.9 carats and facetted black-diamond beads for a total weight of 453.3 carats.

Lucky necklace

Silver Bird Nest Necklace with Turquoise by SweetBlueBirdJewelry, $24.00

name necklace