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  • Nisreen Shawwa

    Not so perfect Super Hero by Andreas Englund

  • Deepak Mehta Bliss

    Inept Superhero Illustrations - Andreas Englund Depicts an Elderly and Feeble City Protector (GALLERY)

  • Sonal Chhajerh

    Flying by Swedish artist Andreas Englund. His portfolio is almost entirely made up of semi-awkward superheroes; old blokes, kids, dudes with their pants down – it's not your regular Superman steez.

  • Szügyi Patrik

    Artist Andreas Englund has created an incredibly fun series of oil paintings featuring an aging superhero. Despite his age, he continues to fight crime and kick some ass.

  • Jill Hilliard

    Prenatal Superhero Sculptures - Alexandre Nicolas Depicts Comic Book Figures Before Birth (GALLERY)#!/photos/128661/3#!/photos/124297/2#!/photos/124297/3#!/photos/124297/1

  • Jason Ferguson

    An absolutely hilarious series of oil on canvas paintings by Andreas Englund - FLYING

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Rainbow Eucalyptus- The unique multi-hued bark is the most distinctive feature of the tree. Patches of outer bark are shed annually at different times, showing a bright green inner bark. This then darkens and matures to give blue, purple, orange and then maroon tones.