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Good luck at the 2012 Olympics!

US Olympic Equestrian Team 2012: Updated News, Roster and Analysis


Pictures of horses on the beach. Pictures of horses on the beach. Pictures of wild horses running on the beach. Pictures of horses running on the beach. Pictures of beautiful horses on the beach.

Barney was a gentle pony. I used him to bring the sheep up from the pasture in the evenings.

Country ~♥~ Life ◦✩☼◦ Precious Baby Lamb's New Friend - Animal Lover

this is one beautiful piece..hoping to make a painting out of this one.

GypsyMareStudios This photo was taken on September 2012 in Homeville, Cochranville, PA, US, using a Canon EOS REBEL

Missing Link: Beautiful horses in the snow Baby says: "im cold mom" momma comforts and says: "come closer dear together we shall keep eachother warm"


Love has no boundaries no walls love is not jealous holds no grudge love never fails.

Breathtaking Horse Colors

Funny pictures about Breathtaking Horse Colors. Oh, and cool pics about Breathtaking Horse Colors. Also, Breathtaking Horse Colors photos.

Roan: Blue Roan.  Good example of a TRUE blue roan.  Note the Solid-colored head, legs, mane, and tail, and a *uniform* mixture of white and dark hairs over the body.  Grey horses are often called "blue roan" to increase value.  Greys will always have light smudges on the face and uneven/dappled/fleabitten body colors. I will take 2

The name comes from the ancient Roman province of Noricum (Austria today) where it was originally bred. They are a medium-heavy draft breed. This beautiful blue roan variant with the always dark/black head is called 'Mohrenkopf'.


This is one of the most beautiful Appaloosa horses I have ever seen! How stunning! If I had the money and this lovely creature was for sale, he/she would belong to me!

Wow How Gorgeous!

Wow How Gorgeous!

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Equine Coat Color Chart ~ Some of them aren't quite the same as I've been taught (Strawberry vs.), but good reference nonetheless.

if wishes were horses beggars would ride

Horse Shadows by Adam Jahiel. A pigment print of an original black and white photograph. Signed and numbered on border of photograph. Dimensions refer to image size. Paper size is 11