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Oscar Wilde

"I don't want to go to heaven. None of my friends are there." -Oscar Wilde

one of my favorite quotes

Oscar Wilde

One of my very favorites.

...my favorite.

One of my favorite quotes from Grey's Anatomy.

favorite quote EVER

Favorite quote

One of my favorites

Just a few of my favorite things

well its true...

Love this quote!

Favorite Reminder via Humans of Joy

i'll eat you up. Nates favorite book of all time, would be cute to make as a printable.

marilyn monroe. This has been a favorite quote of mine,,, and after using her as my topic for the biggest paper I've ever written, I adore it

This is one of my favorite friendship quotes of all time. I saw it on a billboard, once- and it has inspired me ever since. Not many people are able to fit this criteria- but the ones who are, are worth keeping.

"Springsteen" Quote on Canvas - I would love I do this with some of my favorite country songs on different shaped canvases and make a canvas collage :)