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    • Monica Galvan

      'Hitler's children' reclaim their lives - World -

    • the king's child

      Lebensborn...SS men were encouraged to mate with blue-eyed, blonde Nordic girls who had no Jewish ancestry, in order to produce ‘racially pure’ German offspring. The babies were brought up in the foster care of Nazi couples or reared in orphanages. They suffered greatly after the war. In Norway, those born of Norwegian mothers and German soldiers faced discrimination and were often harassed, beaten, and called ‘Nazi swine’.

    • Emily Court

      Lebenssupren, or “Tracing Life" support group helps adults who were a part of the Lebensborn program receive support, track down relatives, and speak publicly to break walls of secrecy and educate the public about the history, and personal experiences of those involved in Lebensborn.

    • Sarah db

      "Violette Wallenborn holds a picture of herself in the arms of her Nazi father. This article is about the Lebensborn children -- children with Aryan qualities Nazis raised as their own -- reclaiming their roots."

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