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These chilling images were taken during London’s Great Smog of ’52. For four days the city of London was blanketed by a poisonous smog that reduced visibility to a few yards and led to an estimated 12,000 fatalities. From NPR: Roads were littered with abandoned cars. Midday concerts were cancelled due to total darkness. Archivists at the British Museum found smog lurking in the book stacks. Cattle in the city’s Smithfield market were killed and thrown away before they could be…

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Once You See These Rare Historical Photos, You’ll Never Forget Them, Especially #14. Wow.

The London sky after a bombing and dogfight between British and German planes in 1940

‘Rubble Women’, 1945-1949 ‘Trümmerfrau (literally translated as ruins woman or rubble woman) is the German-language name for women who, in the aftermath of World War II, helped clear and reconstruct the bombed cities of Germany and Austria. Between 1945 and 1946, the Allied powers, in both West Germany and East Germany, ordered all women between 15 and 50 years of age to participate in the postwar cleanup.’

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London in 1901 - the End of the Victorian Era

London. A rare color photograph of a London street in 1900 #HistorySerendipity #history #culture

The B-29 bomber Enola Gay dropped the uranium bomb Little Boy on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Three days later the plutonium bomb Fat Man was used to bomb the Japanese city of Nagasaki. The two bombs killed approximately 150,000 people when they fell. On August 15, 1945, Japan officially surrendered, bringing an end to World War II. history-of-ww2-air