Create your own bokeh

Photography DIY : Hearts Bokeh Lens Hood tutorial here and here

How To Create Beautiful Bokeh Images. Photographer: Ursula Abresch. "In this tutorial, Ursula reveals how she shot and processed “Seedling” so you too can recreate this eye-catching effect..."

Here are five household items you can use as do-it-yourself lens filters to add a different look and feel to photos.

Bokeh tutorial

How to make bokeh

Mickey Mouse bokeh - omigolly, I'm crazy for this idea! #DisneyPhotography

Don't run out and buy that #expensive #photography equipment! You can get many of the same cool effects with these #DIY #hacks. #Savemoney without sacrificing your #art!


20x200 : Print Information : 28 Camera Drawings: christine berrie illustration

this is so simple and cool!

What is maximum aperture? Which lenses go widest (and why it matters) | Digital Camera World.

Stanfords entire photography course. Online. Free.

Create your own Bokeh! =)

What each setting on your camera means, and does

Tutorial: Creating a Homes Studio in a Small Space

What lens should I use? This quick cheat sheet will help you pick the right lens for your needs.

Photography Cheat Sheet

Create Your Own Glass Bracelet / Love this idea, great for gift-giving. #DIY

Photography as Art: Purposefully Creating Photos that Take Your Breath Away Guest Post by Kristianne Koch - Click it Up a Notch