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  • Katie Swank

    bill cosby quote funny funny stuff

  • bee cunningham

    My Children Love My Mother...I quote this ALL the time!!!!!! too funny!! LOVE this cd/video on parenthood by Bill..... it's just so real and so funny!!

  • Dartha Lewis

    I love Bill Cosby! I really must show my kids this quote...

  • Alicia Craig

    Works IN OUR KIDS FAVOR now:) #mothers #grandparents #humor #BillCosby

  • Michelle Perez

    My children love my mother, and I tell my children 'That is NOT the same woman I grew up with ...That is an old woman trying to get into heaven now." ~ Bill Cosby #funny #giggles

  • Misty Wegner

    So true! We watched Bill Cosby all the time when we were kids

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