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  • Grace Mumpasi

    ♥ #quote #music

  • Cassia Aranyosi

    Mitch Lucker is someone who has inspired me to do my best and keep going. He taught me that even in the toughest situations, the lowest point in our lives, that it will get better. We just have to give it a chance. This man is my hero. Rest in peace Mitch.

  • Ashley

    ♥ Mitch Lucker music quote

  • Merri

    True story

  • Noor Alkhamis

    I like music so much. Music is an elegant art. A lot of people don't know the real meaning of it. We have an Arab argument said" the music is the soul food''. Even doctors use it for the comma patients as a music therapy. It's help them a lot. For me I listen for it whenever be happy or sad.

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This made me cry. And I feel I would like to tell my own story. Unfortunately I was never able to attend a Suicide Silence concert, but I always loved the music. Back in November I had this really awful panic attack and I seriously couldn't get myself together and this might sound weird but I kind of prayed to Mitch and I swear on my life I felt better in an instant.

Mitch Lucker. We'll miss you. Forever and always

i didn't listen to this band and still don't, however, the more i hear about him and the more quotes i see, the more i like him as a person. He might not have been an angel but he at least knew that everything was going to be okay.

Mitch Lucker. Yes this is the kinda guy I am gonna bring home to mom and dad. #tattoos

Not only is Mitch Lucker is my hero, but he's extremely attractive.

Mitch Lucker ♥ this is awesome