vintage red stove

awesome refrigerator.

I would kill for Big Chill appliances.

vintage, kitchen, red

Reminds me of Granny's stove, but red!! Love it. Buckeye Appliance Stoves ~ More Stoves

antique kitchen cans | red vintage kitchen stove for modern kitchens designs in retro styles

Loving the color of these, but after my current stove I don't plan to ever not have a flat top again

1950s Wedgewood Stove

Massive red custom stove!

This Stove. I want this stove. Please. for the love of all that's holy. THIS ONE.

love it

Amazing modern fridges made to look like 1950's models!! They even have matching vintage stoves/ovens, and panels for the front of your dishwasher!!

Antique Vintage Stoves by Dream Stoves

vintage stove

Be still my heart! Vintage stove<3

Restored vintage stove! Love it.

The most beautiful, restored stove. Reliance Appliance 1950's 35"

I LOVE these! This website has 1950's style ranges, fridges, microwaves, etc. that are totally modern in their functionality. They also make all those appliances in 1800's styles! If I was rich, this is how I would be doing my kitchen!


Vintage Gas Stove

vintage stove - model unknown