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Mo‘ynaq – Graveyard of Ships in the Desert ~ Kuriositas

MOYNAQ Once a bustling fishing port, this semi-ghost town is now more than away from the shore

It's ok Cletus, I've got the depth set for 3/4"❕

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Ridiculous Spare Tire Solution - SunnyLOL. Funny pictures, Epic fails

Rednecks are full of spunk and ingenuity (and alcohol, and meth). If something that belongs to a redneck is broken, rest assured that redneck will find a way to repair that thing without spending a si

Gloomy tank graveyards hold the rusting bones of war

Here’s a close-up of the once-powerful tank tracks rusting away, buried in the sand like the bones of some perished beast.

Whitehaven Beach Australien - einer der weißesten und schönsten Stränder der Welt. Pure Erholung und atemberaubende Strandlandschaft auf einer Länge von acht Kilometern! Der ideal Ort zum abschalten und erholen!

Whitehaven Beach - Whitsunday Island, Australia - Local sands are bright white containing a large amount of silica, which does not retain heat, enabling visitors to walk around the silky shore comfortably while barefoot on a sunny day.