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The Centenary Diamond ranks as one of the biggest high quality diamond for three of your major Cs: Carat, Color, and Clarity. This diamond was discovered in 1986 at the Premier Mine, the same mine that yielded the Cullinan Diamond. At 273.85 carats, this diamond has flawless clarity and D color, the highest grade of colorlessness and certified by the GIA. The whereabouts of the diamond are currently unknown; it was purchased anonymously in 2008.

Centenary diamond, De Beers' premier mine undercovered a diamond perfect in and weighed 599 carats it had to be cut down to remove some cracks. The centenary ended up weighing carats with 247 facets.

Anillo 100% Diamante  $70,000,000 dlls. Si que sería un buen anillo de compromiso

The World's First Diamond Ring by Shawish Jewellery-Switzerland's Shawish Jewellery has created amazing first all diamond ring, 150 carats of pure, worth 70 million dollars.

Pink piedra w / diamantes Flora-By-Coffin y anillo de la trucha

Flora Collection by Coffin and Trout - Bi-Color Tourmaline accented by Pink and White Diamonds set in Platinum and Rose and White Gold - unique jewelry


Products - loose colored moissanite gemstone Manufacturer & Manufacturer from Surat

Diamante Raro de Golgonda de 76 Quilates

Archduke Joseph Diamond, an unmounted cushion-shaped Golconda diamond weighing carats with a D colour and internally flawless clarity.

Vietnamese cobalt blue spinel

Vietnamese cobalt blue spinel that is likely to also contain chromium.