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"And you sir, You're very attractive Therefore, I will stare at you." Don't All Women have these occasionally slightly flirty subconscious thoughts, when seeing an attractive Guy?… Personally 99.5% of the time I will never ever speak any those thoughts aloud. Because I know & chances are that it could totally come across the wrong way by anyone listening.

I'm not mad at you because I'm "being a girl..."

Are you an obsessive list maker? To-do lists, grocery lists, whatever your heart desires. List it out, friend.

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27 Underrated Things About Being In Your Thirties

Because you know that “change” is just another way of saying “upgrade.” | 27 Underrated Things About Being In Your Thirties

I am presently experiencing life at a rate of several WTF's per hour.... | See more about true stories, chicken artichoke pasta and schools.

My thoughts after trying to find a place to live, trying to figure out how I'm going to get a good job, planning out how to get to grad school...