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Rules and Behavior

by Vanessa Levin
Hi! If you're new here, I invite you to subscribe to my free e-mail updates or follow me on Facebook and Pinterest. Thanks for visiting! It is important to have visuals in an early childhood classroom as a reminder of the rules. Our rules chart is posted on the wall in several locations throughout o...
  • Holly Pedri

    House rules!

  • i_magan

    Rules and Behavior Printable Classroom Rules Charts and Cards for Pre-K and Kindergarten via It is important to have visuals in an early childhood classroom as a reminder of the rules. Our rules chart is posted on the wall in several locations throughout our classroom at the children’s eye level so we can refer to it when necessary. I feel it is extremely important to keep all classroom rules positive, notice how I have not included the word “don’t” in any of the rules

  • Katie Zepernick

    Another pinner: Classroom Rules ~ Is also useful to use the summer before your child starts Pre-K or Kindergarten so they will become familiar with what will be expected in school :) I am doing this over the summer with my twins and also with my son who will be going into 1st grade to help keep the structure that he has learned at school during kindergarten

  • Cecilia Nunez

    Classroom and behavior management. In the Classroom you can display these classroom rules. Helping hands, listen ears and so on. the children will have to learn these rules and follow them too. This can also teach them their fives senses.

  • Kelsie Kemmerling

    prek classroom management preschool

  • Amanda Hughes

    Pre K Class Rules

  • teresa booker

    classroom rules for art class | simple, simple class rules

  • Kelsey Finke

    Classroom "ideas" w/ visual support

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Once heard of a school that chose four "rules" for the entire program. Nice way to display something like that.

Just say NO! to stoplight systems for behavior! And treasure boxes too. Reward children for behaving? Something they should already be doing. What do we teach kids who have to pull a card or move their name to yellow or red? To be ashamed? To not get caught next time?

  • Cheryl Smith

    I understand your thoughts about not wanting to reward students for what they should already be doing. But what do you suggest for consequences?

  • Vanessa

    Cheryl Smith Consequences should be logical and immediate. I highly recommend reading Love & Logic by Jim Faye or Conscious Discipline by Dr. Becky Bailey

  • Jena Schallhorn

    Shouldn't children feel ashamed of their bad behavior? I want my child to feel ashamed of his actions/behavior... I agree that children shouldn't be rewarded for doing what they already should be doing. But I don't see the "stoplight chart" as detrimental to the overall goal of teaching children proper behavior in the classroom, or home for that matter. If used properly that is. I see it more as a visual reminder for the child that their actions are not proper or acceptable. It's something for them to see... "I'm on yellow because I hit my friend. I want to be on green, so I won't hit." is the desired outcome. Children put in daycare/pre-school are having to learn... and it's a teaching tool. I guess it depends on age of child... I would expect a 5 - 6 yr old to behave properly and know better than to hit fellow classmates. But 2 - 3 and maybe 4 yr olds (who are entering into a classroom/group setting for the first time) don't always have the knowledge, or the ability, to control themselves. They're still learning. And the Stoplight behavior chart, when used correctly, can assist them with learning how to behave, and that there are consequences for their actions.

  • Jena Schallhorn

    I do like this visual Classroom Rule list. I'm going to suggest it to my son's teacher.

  • Anna Grodskiy

    I'm not a fan of reward systems, however it has come down to implementing one in my prek classroom. Certain children don't understand talking and do not want to follow the visual presentation of the classroom rules and seek negative attention. It feels like a fight every day. I am tired of spending time reminding the rules for sitting and listening when it can be spend on enjoying the activity we are doing. It would be unfair to do with only for the 5 of them-it will have to implemented for all.

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(G) "Classroom Rules" Have a discussion the first day about what it looks like to follow these rules. ie: be ready to learn- be in your seat, quiet and ready with all of your supplies and books you will need.

love this! Classroom Rules Subway Style Wood Sign

Love this! I have seen these sayings before, but I really like how simple this one is. Might be better suited to a younger classroom then some of the longer sayings. I also like the cute :)

Classroom Rules Modern Wall Decal

the teacher wife: class promise

Mrs Nelson Blog Kindergarten Classroom Rules

  • Jane Hale

    Three cheers for you ! You may have these down for kindergarten, but I know a lot of students that still need to learn them.

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