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    A Boston cop photo shows that police officers don't just chase down bad guys who bomb cities and innocent people. They also deliver free milk in times of crisis--at least this one does.

    Social media advertising is big bucks to businesses and brands but none of it goes to you and your friends for doing the work.

    Lawrence Capener pictured in a mugshot by the Albuquerque Police Dept. after attacking four members of the St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church in New Mexico.

    A La Salle High School male student attempted to take his own life in a classroom full of peers on Monday, but he has, thankfully, survived.

    American Christian Pastor Saeed Abedini and wife Nagameh before he was arrested in Iran while trying to aid in the building of an orphanage.

    Jessica Heeringa has been missing from an Exxon Mobile gas station since late Friday night and police have issued a description of the suspect they believe abducted her.

    George #Zimmerman to be grilled on Tuesday about whether he plans to use "stand your ground" law in upcoming trial.

    #OscarPistorius wants to sell his home, be free to leave country

    Oscar Pistorius case: The backstory on Det. Hilton Botha's 7 attempted murder charges

    Oscar Pistorius with his blades on

    #CaseyAnthonyCase: Ask me what went wrong, Jose Baez says, not the prosecutor

    Profiling #JonBenet Ramsey case indictment; Prosecutor 'misbehavior' alleged

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    Ga. elderly driver aghast at billboard sign: 'Asked God to kill my husband'

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    Police offer tips, warnings about #burglaries during #Christmas season (Videos) #examinercom

    Rape charged added in Jersey Bridgeman case

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    Funeral set today for this child victim