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    • Alara Sumerler

      Yes I do wish I was katniss but having a Peeta in my life is only one of the priorities of being Katniss. She was just so full of... spunk! I admired her for that and the way she did everything to protect her family and her loved ones, the way she risked her life for them even if they weren't the closest. She was so sweet under all that sullenness and I hope others noticed that too.

    • Emma Green

      yes, I'm actually jealous of a book character. Alot actually

    • Janae Boersma

      hahaha true story!

    • Georgia Roberts

      My thoughts exactly

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    When they showed that in the movie it broke my heart! That was soo sad! It made the scene more devastating and showed how young she really is.



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    I have no words to describe how much I love this character and how much she has inspired me