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    • Nora 🎤🎯⚽️

      This is the way I view it. But sadly, the romance crazed teen girls got a hold of it, and started it up as a teen romance novel that then turned into movies. But it's not in any shape way or form.

    • Beth ♥

      Hunger. Deep The Hunger Games THG Katniss Everdeen Peeta Mellark Primrose Mockingjay Catchingfire Catching Fire

    • abby.

      "The Hunger Games isn't another cliche teen book, it's a real, gritty, beautiful story, & it teaches us about humanity in its most frail state. Hunger. Whether hunger for power, money, health, revenge, love. Hunger.

    • Aiven Lozano

      Finally someone understands! Most people I know think it's only a romance novel, no excuse me but it's one of the most intense and saddest trilogy I have read.

    • s t o r m

      the hunger games isn't another teen book at all like all the other books are great too but something about the hunger games that is different from every other book out there is how haunting it is. CHILDREN like we are talking possible 12 year olds fighting to the death on national television. A seventeen year old girl has to not only go into the hunger games TWICE but after miraculously surviving both she has to not only fight in but be the face if the many people's scarring

    • Danielle Mallad

      This is what I say to others who ask me why I am in love with The Hunger Games 👌💘

    • Meghan Yohe

      Hunger. WHY I am using this book as a read aloud!

    • Nicole Endres

      it's not a love triangle. it's hunger.

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