The Bialk's 1872 Italianate parlor with "Raspberry Bramble" wallpaper and "Acanthus" border by Bradbury & Bradbury.

With all other rooms restored and decorated in the late-Victorian mode, it was important that the kitchen, an original space right off the dining room, be accurate for the period.

A cozy antique rocker in the front parlor of the Bialk's 1872 Italianate, Brewer's Hill, Milwaukee. "Crab Apple" wallpaper by Bradbury & Bradbury. #bradburywallpaper

The Bialk's Milwaukee Italianate dining room

Bradbury & Bradbury//

The master bedroom’s marble fireplace is highlighted with soothing green “Roland” fill paper and a “Victory” frieze from Bradbury & Bradbury. #bradburywallpaper

Victorian wallpaper blessedwildapplegirl: Bradbury Bradbury

the parlor

Bathroom, Loeb House. "Raheen" wallpaper (frieze and fill) by Bradbury & Bradbury. #bradburywallpaper

SNEAK PEEK! Bradbury & Bradbury's photo shoot for upcoming Talbert wallpaper #bradburywallpaper

The Music Room features Neo-Classical wallpaper by Bradbury & Bradbury

The McDonald Mansion's Gentlemen's Parlor. The large-scale Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper adapts an 1880s pattern by William Morris that was first commissioned for St. James' Palace in London. #bradburywallpaper

Bradbury & Bradbury | Victorian | Aesthetic Movement Roomset

Victorian Home Wallpapers | Morris Specialty Line | Bradbury & Bradbury

The family room of the Loeb House, Upper East Side Manhattan, with a custom-colored Christopher Dresser wallpaper by Bradbury & Bradbury and Charles Eastlake-inspired sofas. #bradburywallpaper

McDonald Mansion Turkish Parlor Fireplace

Pink Italianate House

Dresser wallpaper by Bradbury

Smoking parlor, John D. Rockefeller house, New York, ca. 1880

house of the italian poet, playwright, and novelist gabriel d'annunzio (1863-1938)

Turkish parlor in the Brune-Rutlinger House, San Francisco.