An extremely encouraging and honest blog(?) about weight loss (and happiness) and the journey this girl took to get where she is today.

Weight Loss Motivation

Burn Calories in the Pool (No Laps Required!): The best exercises to blast fat and tone your whole body in water.

Exercises for Tightening Underarm Skin- so useful to get rid of extra flab after major weight loss or yes, Old Age

Ernestine Shepherd: 70+ years old. Wow!


reward chart for weight loss.. might be a motivating idea.

This is stuff dreams are made of. could never do this in a million years..

Monday exercise

Calorie counting done the right way = weight loss? Absolutely!

one of the most amazing blogs.

A really awesome blog with tons of information of healthy weight loss.

I live for before and after transformations... Sometimes I wish I had the courage to post pictures of mine!

This is an awesome list for weight loss tips that are not filled with hype. Great for anyone that wants to lose a couple pounds or make a complete life change!

Lose around 6 lbs / 10 inches off your waist in two weeks (the most successful participants lost 12 lbs / 22 inches)

Blog : She's hilarious and motivating...lost 60 lbs in 5 months Read more when I can

Looking at this every time I forget how far I've come on this weight loss journey! Each pound that has gone away is me reclaiming a little bit more of who God made me to be--a healthy, amazing, beautiful woman that He is crazy about. I had forgotten this little piece of wisdom at the end of last year.