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Love isn’t material. It’s energy. It’s the feeling in a room, a situation, a person. Money can’t buy it. Sex doesn’t guarantee it. It has nothing at all to do with the physical world, but it can be expressed nonetheless. We experience it as kindness, giving, mercy, compassion, peace, joy, acceptance, non-judgment, joining, & intimacy.

Andrea, you are so very much more than my lover, you are my person, this is exactly how I look at you, and how it feels when you look at me.

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21 Motivational Quotes To Help You Win At Life

Can't wait to start college a lol over a month from now ;) can't wait to actually be doing something with my future and dream job ;) psychology here I come ;) thank god I'm not gonna have a crappy job ;)

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@lottiefrank I think we are a match mad in heaven....surely madness is better when it's doubled up!

''Amor não é o quanto você diz ''Eu te Amo'' mas o quanto você demonstra que isso é verdade.'' #Amor #Acoes #Sentimentos