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Laila La La
Laila La La • 28 weeks ago
  • teresa berlin
    teresa berlin • 28 weeks ago

    well it has to start with women themsevles stop being so hard on yourselves don't listen to other women they can be your own worst enemy.

  • teresa berlin
    teresa berlin • 28 weeks ago

    I think if your happy with your life your family and the people who love you for just being you then that is the beauty we all have :) and should be happy with...

  • Miss T.
    Miss T. • 28 weeks ago

    Oooh, that's true!

  • Misty Parker
    Misty Parker • 28 weeks ago

    It's not so hard. I haven't worn makeup in a year, I wouldn't wear high heels if my life depended on it, and I spend less time getting ready than the average man. And whaddya know, I get more male attention than ever!

  • Laila La La
    Laila La La • 28 weeks ago

    Love that this has woken us all up from mundane Monday! I agree Misty. I love myself, whatever I am, good and bad. I also get more attention in real life as I am me. Who you are is more attractive than what you have chosen to wear even in a place like NYC!

  • teresa berlin
    teresa berlin • 28 weeks ago

    everybody is different thank god if we all looked and acted the same what a boring world this would be. i go back to the old saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder. may i add a person should be themselves at all times.

  • Sandra Mullikin
    Sandra Mullikin • 28 weeks ago

    Right on, Ladies!

  • Paola Bueso Vadell
    Paola Bueso Vadell • 28 weeks ago

    This is one GREAT pin.