Linneas daughter...older?

the CoOl Kids - A little girl and her stroller. (12/20/2013) Children (CTS) #thatseasier #cool #kids

I love these little girl fashion now a days. Wish I had this type of style when I was in HS! haha! Sad.. so sad. haha! Kids Fashion - Organize in #KlaserApp

black crown

Winter Wonderland Dress Tutorial - The Cottage Mama. This sweet winter dress is made using an adult cashmere sweater (felted). #Sew #RefashionforGirls

Alba was totally wearing this dress yesterday. But not like this :(

adorable outfit

The manager at J. Crew lets Athena pose as a mannequin anytime she wants, as she always makes profits skyrocket.

SO cute!

cute kids clothes | Cute Vintage-Inspired Kids’ Clothes Collection By Lacey Lane ...

Bonpoint Spring-Summer 2014 collection

If I ever have a daughter, I hope she lets me dress her like this

Little beauty

love this hair cut with some bangs for my little girl

I want a little girl so I can play dress up with her :)

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The Let's Dance mini dress by BabyCake Vintage is super sweet and soft little fair maiden with long hair to don.

a little beauty//