LOVE her shoes! (Also a really cute picture of a really cute little girl. They grow up so fast...) This is such a cute Idea for a picture!

Born with fashion!


Yes, you can wear Daddy's shoe just don't try walking in them.

In mommy's shoes

:) spent many happy times playing with my mum's make up in front of her bedroom mirror..........

Girl's Gone Child: Dressed Up

Who says sweet country style -- with the rubber wellies and all -- isn't stylish at all? We LOVE how this little girl looks!

Call your friends!

''Give a girl a pair of shoes and she can conquer the world!'' ~Marilyn Monroe

Love this girly dress.

<3 love <3


hair dressing


cute little girls

She is super cool

just picture them in 15-20 years... :)

Swim Babe