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I must be TOTALLY doing it right then!

Compound Pinterest: The amount of money you save by not actually buying anything you pin, added to the money you are not spending because you no longer have free time to shop.

Good thing no one can read my mind…

Then, I told him, I just need to go to Target real quick. Be back in 10 minutes. Hahahah, and he believed me.....

haha! this made me laugh out loud! even though it's kinda gross... and it might have only been funny cuz i took some serious pain meds for my wisdom tooth removal...

"The difficult we do at once, the impossible takes a little longer." -USNAVY SEABEES

To My Princess kenia, for doing the challenge more than once. Mamas so proud!

This is true.. of course its hard for any human not worry, but trusting in him, he will make sure your worries disappear!